2007 Peterbilt 386 for sale- matched units

4 Matched 2007 Peterbilt 386's

Cat C-15's

10 Speeds

244" WB

480-580K miles


We do have financing available for first time buyers, you will need:

1. 2 years driving experience

2. 650 or better credit score

3. 20% Down

a. Example 30,000$ truck, you will need 6,000 Down.

b. 30,000 is the lowest amount we can finance


call 269-274-5383 ask for Tim


We also have Kenworth Peterbilts internationals freightliners volvos navistar box trucks, dump trucks, superdumps, daycabs and sleepers available too!

2007 Peterbilt 386


tips on how to get the best fuel economy for semi trucks

This week I'd live to show everyone a great article on fuel economy and aero dynamics.  Take a look at the video below and it will give you some great insight on how to spec your truck right for the best fuel economy.  as always, If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 816-868-0205.

Tkae these 5 tips to increase your tractors fuel economy by more than half a mile per gallon

5. shift at a lower RPM- Don't rap your RPM up

4. choose a 13 speed versus a 10 speed- this can improve fuel economy by.2-.3 MPG

3. Spec a high torque engine- if you spec an 1850 torque engine versus a 1650 torque engine you can gain more than .2 MPG

2. Get an APU or diesel fired heater to reduce your idling time, you burn over 1 gallon per hour running your truck engine at idle.

1. SLOW DOWN- this is the #1 loss of fuel economy- for every Mile per hour over 60 MPH you lose .1 MPG. For exampl if you slow down from 70 to 65MPH you will gain.5 MPG



visit the link: http://www.bigtrucktv.com/item.aspx?e_dd_fuel_efficiency







2007 Peterbilt 387's for sale

10- 2007 Peterbilt 387's for sale- matched units, with different colors available

Cat C-15's

13 speeds

Very clean units - all trade terms

Miles are 500-550k

Price: $42,900